How to UnZip

How do I un-zip files on a PC?

Often times, high-quality digital images are too large to be emailed as is. That is why many people choose to use ZIP files to transfer their images via email or download. A ZIP file is one that has been compressed to reduce the file size and allow for faster transfer. Once a ZIP file has been transfered, it needs to be un-zipped in order to change it back to its original state and to use it properly. Due to the high volume of files we email and upload to our site, we need to send them to you in this format. The process is quick, easy and painless once you know what to do!

How to Un-Zip a File:

1. Save the zipped file to your computer. In this example, we will save it to My Documents.

2. Open My Documents and right-click onto the zipped file. A menu will pop up and from that menu you will select “Extract All”.


3. The Extraction Wizard will open. Click “Next”


4. Now you will choose the folder where you want the files to be saved. It will automatically default to the same folder where the zipped file is. So, if you want it in My Documents, just click “Next”.


5. Your files will now extract and be saved in My Documents. Click “Finish”.

6. You can now delete the zipped file. Make sure you use images from the un-zipped file – otherwise they will not work properly.



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