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September 20, 2012

Bridal Silhouettes

I’m always getting requests to add more wedding clipart to the shop but the last few weeks have just been too busy. Well this month’s Mygrafico challenge happened to be wedding silhouettes so I thought perhaps it was time to cross this off the old “to do” list! Et voila…..the new bridal silhouettes set:


Bridal Silhouette Set – $5.95

Let me know what you think! Also, I love to see creations using clip art by The Crafty Clip. Pop on over to the Mygrafico community to post pictures of your designs and creations! (

Don’t forget about my other wedding clipart sets! Here’s a recap of what’s available.


Bride Set A – $5.95

Bride Silhouette Clipart


Bride Set B – $5.95

Bridesmaid Dress Clipart

Bridesmaid Set – $3.95

Beach wedding clipart


iDO Beach Wedding Clipart Set – $5.95

Just Married clipart


Just Married Clipart Set – $5.95

Click on any of the images to be taken directly to the listing. Want to use these images in a blog post, tutorial, or design challenge? Contact The Crafty Clip to discuss getting the images for free. (

September 12, 2012

Circles, Scallops, Doilies…

Scalloped Frame Set – $3.95

No matter what you call them, these scalloped vector frames are darling! Use them to create cupcake toppers, banners, signs, or anything else you can imagine. They are black and white too, making them a breeze to re-color in Photoshop, Elements, etc….

Get them HERE or click on the photo above.

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September 11, 2012

Deluxe Halloween Party Kit

This DIY Halloween party kit has everything you need to decorate your Halloween bash! From water bottle labels to Frankenstein favor boxes you’ll have plenty of files to mix and match for a party design that’s all your own.


2 Soda Bottle Labels  – Wrap them around colorful soda bottles to create a truly stunning drinks table! They also work well on beer bottles and wine bottles for adult parties or as juice box wraps.
3 Water Bottle Labels
2 Cupcake Wrappers – Can also be used as favor cups! Fill with candies, wrap in cellophane and tie off with raffia or ribbon.
4 Favor Tags/Cupcake Toppers – These versatile tags can be used as cupcake toppers, favor tags, decorations, and seals. Print them on cardstock or sticker paper and cut out with scissors or with a 2″ circle or 2″ scallop punch! We used them a number of different ways in the photo shoot.
4 Drink Flags – These also have several uses! Cut them out and adhere them to toothpicks, straws, lollipops, or pencils and other Halloween goodies. 
2 Treat Bag Toppers – Use them as folded tent cards as well! Perfect for identifying creepy, crawly snacks.
1 Happy Halloween Banner
1 Frankenstein Favor Box
1 Happy Halloween Favor Box
1 Popcorn Favor Box
1 Party Invitation

Everything is designed to be mixed and matched so feel free to use some of it or all of it to make your party complete.  We recommend adding black and orange ribbon and raffia to add a bit of depth and texture to the overall look.

Here are some of the ways I styled the shoot using this set:

Bright and Colorful Drinks:

I took delicious orange soda (lime and grape soda would have looked and tasted great too!) and wrapped it with the soda bottle labels. Then I cut out “Spooky” favor tags using a 2″ scalloped punch and tied them on using a bit of raffia.

Spooktacular Treat Bags:

These delightful  treats were a breeze to make! The far left features the printable popcorn favor box. I filled it with  popcorn (hence the name), wrapped it in a cello bag and tied it off with a black ribbon,  natural colored raffia and a favor tag that I punched out using a 2″ scalloped punch.  Homemade cookies or a collection of non-edible Halloween goodies would also look lovely wrapped up in this style. In the middle  I took  a bit of krinkeleen (that shredded filler stuff) in white and some Hershey’s kisses and wrapped them in a  plastic snack bag with the top cut off  (great way to use snack bags without looking like you used snack bags!) and then tied the baggie with a black ribbon and a favor tag cut out with a 2″ scallop punch. The far right is the printable “Happy Halloween” favor box filled with some more krinkeleen and an assortment of candies. Both the favor boxes and the favor tags were printed on 80lb card stock.

Frankenstein Favor Box:

Another easy favor/treat box! I just printed it out onto 80lb card stock, cut along the solid lines, scored along the dotted lines and then added a small strip of double sided tape to the flap to adhere the two edges. This was a favorite of my 5year old son so I will be cutting out 30 of them for his school Halloween party.

Water Bottles:

Creating these themed water bottles was super simple. I just printed the  PDF file onto full sheet label paper, cut out the three designs and placed them right on top of the original labels.  If you don’t have full sheet label or sticker paper at home, try using  nicer quality printer paper (like presentation paper) or even light weight card stock. Another way to decorate water bottles is to wrap them with black cardstock (approx.  2″ x 9″) then tie raffia around the middle and add a favor tag to the front. Or punch out a circle with your own message!      


Creepy Cupcakes:

To decorate these cupcakes, I printed cupcake wrappers onto light weight card stock then wrapped them around the base of my cupcakes to see where I should tape them in the back . You can make the wrappers larger or smaller, depending on the size of your cupcakes. Once I had the correct size, I used double sided tape to adhere them in the back. Next, I took black card stock and folded two pieces into a fan. Then I glued both fan pieces together to make the textured black circle. On top of that, I glued on a cupcake topper. Then I inserted a lollipop stick (find them in the baking isle of your grocery store) in between the two pieces and stuck them into the cupcake.

 Decorations and Extra Ideas:

To add some color and decoration around the house, I took glasses and wrapped them with a strip of black card stock. Next I added a raffia tie around the middle and a favor tag cut out with a 2″ scalloped punch. Then I filled each glass with candy corn.  I made three more to hold forks, knives and spoons.

In other parts of the room, I took clear glass vases and filled them with dried corn (coffee beans and dried white peas work well too), then added fake flowers from the craft store in bright fall colors.  I taped a piece of orange carstock to the front, wrapped each vase with a 2″ black ribbon and then taped a craft square to the front.

Get the kit HERE!